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“It’s the little things that make our big dreams happen” -Bekah Eden

Welcome to the home of nationally featured, musician, singer, songwriter, musician and performing artist, Bekah Eden. Eden has built an industry reputation for her inspirational and positive composition work and song writing abilities, while maintaining a-small-town feel to her presence and performances resonating with listeners of all ages. Eden’s upcoming Cause related EP, Dream Again is a follow up to her freshman CD Unexpected, and has garnered attention from acclaimed producers throughout the country.

Eden has proved to be a compelling inspirational voice for many unspoken emotions of the human spirit, touching the lives of all those she is able to speak for. Eden’s gift for producing insightful compositions, have led to opportunities within her local community and across state borders, for collaborative efforts with a variety of organizations supporting individuals challenged with; cancer, adoption, post combat and bullying.

Eden’s fluid musical style enables a unique sound to formulate in her productions. Compared to the vocal and musical styling of Sarah Evans, Faith Hill, Amy Grant, Sara Bareilles and Sarah McCachlan, Eden’s music reflects an eclectic collage of sounds hat has drawn attention from public audiences throughout the country. Eden has a natural way of connecting with audiences that makes everyone she encounters feel “at home”.

Please explore the Bekah Eden, Inc website to learn more about her projects, upcoming events, latest news, press coverage, and industry announcements

“Speak up for the people who have no voice, for the right of all the down-and-outers. Speak out for justice! Stand up for the poor and destitute!”
Proverbs 31.8-9

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6th Jan 2014Last interview of 2013
6th January 2014
Last interview of 2013

Thank you Blog Talk Radio and host Cheval John for featuring Bekah Eden in December. We appreciate your support and look forward to the Spring Interview about the Global Surfing Network Event taking place toward the end of May. Please click on link below to listen to the interview.


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12th Nov 2013Joanna Tunnicliffe – We Ran For A Cause
12th November 2013
Joanna Tunnicliffe – We Ran For A Cause

My mother in law and husband ran in the Norfolk Freedom Half Marathon this past Sunday! Check out her blog about what it meant to her to partner with David and support Veterans, Wounded Warriors and Active Duty Military.  I'm so blessed to have a family that share my passion for this cause!

We Ran For A Cause - Sunday, 10 November

afterwardsThe race today (this weekend’s races were) was in support of veterans and service men and women, retired and active, wounded, struggling to find employment and the homeless. And it was a great event. Somebody organized the weather and that always makes a huge difference. The company was great and so supportive, thanks David and Bekah. And the volunteers, police, road marshals, race officials etc were brilliant.

The day began at 4:20am with 5 minutes snooze button then it was drag my ass out of bed and get ready to leave. David grunted a good morning and at around 5am we bailed out of the house and set off, in the chilly air, for Norfolk. Of course, because of the lack of traffic, the trip didn’t take as long as planned so we were parked up ahead of schedule. Starbucks wasn’t yet open so we sat in the car for 10 minutes to keep warm.

5:30am the coffee shop opened its welcoming doors and in we went along with 4 other runners. Part of this was so that David could get a tea but also so that we could use the loo in comfort. Made our way to the bag drop off as time rolled round to the start. Lined up at the rather inadequate number of portajohns. Actually I lined up; David ran back to Starbucks and was back at the line before I had been. Go figure.

The start was delayed by about 8 minutes; that could have been for technical reasons or could have been that there was an errant car on the race course and the police were trying to clear it. No matter, it wasn’t raining and the atmosphere was good. Lots of energy and anticipation. And then we were off.

Tried not to rush out of the starting blocks; tried to conserve my energy. Haven’t run/raced a half for, oh, seems like ages. The run portion of the ultra triathlons, I don’t race. I complete. So this was like learning to race all over again. Settled in to a comfortable steady pace, focused my mind on counting and just went. I had absolutely no idea of what pace I was running because I didn’t see any mile markers. (David said that they were there, just small.) The only indication of how far I was around the course, was by the location of the water stops and that was approximate because I hadn’t really paid much attention to their placement on the course. I did know when I got to mile 7 because that was the relay exchange so I knew then that I was over half way.

Running through the relay exchange gave me a slight distraction. In the middle of the exchange area were a set of timing mats and a notice that said all relay runners had to run over the mats. Didn’t mention other runners. I was about to run around the outside of the mats when the guy standing by them, huddled up in his cape, coat, scarf, hat etc gave me a short wave indicating that I needed to go over the mats. No, “All runners over the mats.” Just a hand flick towards them. Oh well, I guess you had to be there.

The other distraction was the police boats stationed at each of the bridges we crossed. My thoughts were that they were there to rescue runners who decided that they had had enough and jumped off the bridge. Don’t think they had to rescue anyone. Hope not.

And my last booboo was as I turned the last corner towards the finish. Turned too soon and started running on the wrong side of the road, so focused was I on the finish. I could hear people shouting “this way, this way”. I wonder who is going the wrong way. Oops that would be me! Had to laugh at that one.

Quarter of a mile to go and my legs were D.E.A.D. but I gave it all I had. And the last 0.1 there was David yelling at me to ‘give my all’. Difficult, as I was already there. But I tried and dug a little more and lifted my knees as I crossed the line. Then I had to sit down. That was when I looked at my watch and saw my time. I had hoped to (1)  finish, (2) finish in under 2 hours, (3) finish in 1hr 50min. And I got 1:47.10 OMG. I couldn’t believe it. I was so pumped. Well, as pumped as my tired self could be at that moment in time. But what was even better was that David had finished 3rd overall. So happy for him.

img_1318But, you know what? For all my pain as I crossed the finish line, it was a fleeting instance when compared to what our service men and women give us every day. So especially this weekend, I give them a huge shout out and say THANK  YOU to you and your families for keeping us safe and affording us the opportunities to take part in all the activities we do.

Follow Joanna Tunnicliffe's blog at http://joannatunnicliffe.wordpress.com/

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11th Nov 2013Running for a Cause – Norfolk Freedom Half Marathon
11th November 2013
Running for a Cause – Norfolk Freedom Half Marathon

Happy Veteran's Day! Thank you to all Veterans and active duty military for your service and sacrifice. I am so proud of my husband, David Tunnicliffe and his mother, Joanna Tunnicliffe, for running the Norfolk Freedom Half Marathon and supporting Wounded Warriors yesterday. I am so excited to share his blog about the experience with you. Enjoy!

David Runs 4 Good - Norfolk Freedom Half Marathontall-ship

Today was the third annual Norfolk Freedom Half Marathon, and approximately 2,000 people showed up to run the 13.1 Miles, or the whole 26.2 miles. One of the main reasons why I did this race was because it was supporting the Wounded Warriors Program. My heart goes out to all active and retired military and families. I cannot thank you enough for your sacrifices for this country.

My mum (read her blog here) and I both signed up for the half marathon, which is actually the shortest race that we’ve both done in about 5 years. Coming into the race I felt confident that I could get a decent time because of the long distance training I’ve been doing with Drew, and my new CrossFit, at CrossFit Unparallelled, workout throughout the week. I set my goals high, but I reached everyone of them this weekend!

1.Have fun (I have to put that because my mum says so)
2.Finish under 1 hour 25 minutes
3.Come home with some hardware (trophy)

For some reason both Mum and I thought the race started at 8 am, however we find out this week that the start is at 6:30am. So our start was scheduled before the sun came up; not cool! Actually very cool; the temperature was in the lower 40s, but was forecasted to rise into the lower 60s after lunch. It turned out to be the best running condition for a race I could’ve imagined. It was cool, light winds, and sunny! After a short delay at the start the wheelchairs/strollers went on their way, 5 minutes later the marathoners pushed off, and then at 6:39am it was our turn.

There was a decent group of strong runners at the front of the half marathon, and a couple younger guys sprinted out front, but didn’t last for long. I found my pace and just focused on running my race, and not losing sight of the leaders. The first 2-3 miles were quite crowded because we were running through the back of the marathon pack, but there was enough room to get around the outside. My goal was to shoot for 6:30 miles, which was obtainable, but I knew it would be hard work. My first 8 miles were negative splits, starting off at 6:35 mins/mile, and working down to a 6:15.

After looking at the topography of my run from my watch, mile 8-11 were uphill, which explained quite a bit after my times were a bit slower than I wanted. I was able to sustain a sub 6:30 pace, but it was a lot more work than I was putting out in the beginning. From mile 7 to the finish I ran by myself. The leaders of the half marathon were a few minutes a head of me, and I had passed all of the marathoners. I had to self motivate my self, but I was able to hang on until the end.afterwards

Norfolk did a great job at supporting the event! The volunteers and the public safety; police, fire, and community assistant folks were at every cross street directing traffic. I tried to thank everyone of them, but if I missed you; Thank you!! For anyone interested in doing their first half or full marathon, this is a great event. Easy course, well staffed and supported, and supporting a great cause all made for a great event. If I have time in my schedule next year, I will definitely consider doing this race again.

So again; to all of our troops; active and retired, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for all of your sacrifices you have made for our freedoms. Thank you to all the families who have also sacrificed along side of you! God Bless each and everyone of you!!

This is what I am running for again this year. You can read more about it here, and if you can help in anyway, it would be greatly appreciated. Stay tuned for the next update on what’s to come before the end of the year!!!

You can follow David's blog at http://http://davidruns4good.wordpress.com/

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3rd Sep 2013Bekah Eden performs at August 9th Life Rolls On Event Benefiting The Global Surf Network.
3rd September 2013
Bekah Eden performs at August 9th Life Rolls On Event Benefiting The Global Surf Network.

Bekah Eden performed with local Virginia Beach Artist, Justin D. Clements on August 9th to an incredible audience of survivors and thrivers. When asked about the event Eden said, "I got to meet some really incredible people and had the best time singing for them. I want to personally thank Life Rolls On and Global Surf Network for allowing me the honor of being a part of their event." Click here for more information on Life Rolls On.

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6th Jun 2013June is PTSD Awareness Month!
6th June 2013
June is PTSD Awareness Month!

As warriors return home from the battlefield, they face a new challenge: Reintegration. I have teamed up with HH4Heroes.org to write a campaign fundraising song that can help provide programs in positive psychology coaching with every iTunes Download. I am fortunate enough to have my songs included in the promotional video series about cultivating happiness in post combat on the HH4Heroes site. If you want to help heal PTSD side effects, visit the site, watch the videos and then donate directly to the organization, or download my campaign song on iTunes. Together we can help our warriors transform a negative into a positive.

Click here to see a special message from Lisa Cypers Kamen, Founder of HH4Heroes and partner for campaign fundraising song "In Between" about happiness and healing in a PTSD world.

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6th Jun 2013Bekah Eden Honored To Play 5th Grade Graduation for Local School
6th June 2013
Bekah Eden Honored To Play 5th Grade Graduation for Local School

Bekah Eden is honored to announce her invitation to play at the commencement ceremony for Pembroke Meadows Elementary School 5th Grade Graduation on Friday June 14th from 9-11 pm. "I am thrilled to be asked as an invited guest to be part of this very special memorable experience in the lives of my communities youth. I really do love seeing the world through their eyes."

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