Industry Buzz


“Working with Bekah always brings a professional and high quality experience in all dealings.  Mrs. Eden gives 100% in her performances and whatever she does when working with other organizations.”

Jeff Corriveau,

Little Theatre of Norfolk


“Bekah Eden is a highly intuitive writer/composer/musician with a deep sensitivity to life, love and the meaning of it all. She is wise beyond her years and talented beyond measure. Bekah’s anthem, In-Between, written for Harvesting Happiness for Heroes, not only beautifully echos the struggle of our returning troops to recapture joy after war but In-Between also captures the pulse of the human battle to create wholeness after difficult circumstance.”

Lisa Cypers Kamen

Founder & Executive Director
Harvesting Happiness for Heroes


“Bekah Eden was not only a delight to have one my talk radio show but also extremely interesting. Her music is so lovely that you will want to hear it again and again. She is a talent not to be missed.”

Mary Beth Wells

National radio host, spokesperson and adoption resource of The Mary Beth Wells Hour on Toginet Radio


“Bekah is an example of what happens when passion & skill collide. She is a beautiful soul who makes teaching & playing look easy. She has taught me that a gift must be nurtured, & cultivated. Watching her I’ve learned that it is important to put time into my craft to achieve excellence. I know the sky is the limit for anything she puts her hand to!”

Angie Chandler

Theatre Artist, Vocalist, Writer, Educator


From a small town USA emerges Bekah Eden. Whose love of music and our men and women in uniform have captured the hearts of people around the world. Her portrayal of hope, direction and change has given her the opportunity to become a shining star in her own way.

Orlando Fernandez

Owner, Florida’s WFHR radio