Welcome to the Dream Big Causes Page!

Thank you for reading this message from Bekah Eden:

“I have a special place in my heart for the mission of each cause on this page. Nothing brings me greater satisfaction than to help others through my original music, so I am dedicated to promoting the causes you see below through my career as a songwriter and musician. My Big Dream is to leave an inspirational songwriting legacy that reflects the human experience of trial, pain, healing, happiness and triumph.

I have chosen to offer my voice to the voiceless, as I raise awareness for the causes on this page. It is my hope that many hearts will be touched, inspired and uplifted to find their own voice as they help others do the same. I look forward to working on many more inspirational projects still to come.

Join me in my Big Dream to make an impact in the world. Support the causes below by purchasing it’s campaign song on iTunes. A portion of the proceeds go toward raising support for each cause.

Together we can make a difference one song at a time.”

-Bekah Eden



“Love You Forever”

Written as an expression of love and healing for families that have, or are currently undergoing, the adoption experience into parenthood. This song is a testimony to all who hear. Through the whimsical melodies and simply put message, this song has been touching the hearts of all ages.


Prevent Bullying of children and young adultsBullying

“I Matter
Bullying is a huge problem all over the globe. Eden feels compelled to campaign for this cause and raise awareness through her music. This song is a musical expression of hope in overcoming lifelong side effects that bullied victims deal with throughout their lives. Eden’s hope is that her song inspires all ages to find a way to deal with the scars of being bullied in a positive creative way.



Military Post Combat

“In Between” – Harvesting Happiness For Heros®
Bekah Eden has partnered with national 501 (c)(3) non profit organization Harvesting Happiness for Heroes, to write and sing the inspirational campaign song, “In Between” which helps post combat wounded warriors and their families rebuild joy while reintegrating “In Between” combat and daily life with their families.

A portion of the proceeds from every download goes to help HH4Heroes offer stigma free positive psychology coaching courses, retreats, workshops and seminars to post combat wounded warriors and their families, battling the invisible side effects of PTSD and TBI at no cost to them.


Terminal Illness

“Dream Again”
Inspired by deep emotions that triggered a heart that was desperate to, “Dream Again.” Eden puts a hopeful spin on the dreams left to be discovered for children challenged with terminal illness. Eden has a deep conviction to help people through her music. There is no better way that to remind other’s who are fighting the fight for their lives, that someone remembered them, someone cared about them and decided to take action and leave a legacy no one could forget…