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Songwriting Services

Bekah Eden offers professional songwriting services for national recording artists, non-profit organizations, special events and companies. Eden ’s services provide a free consultation and personalized development for the specific needs of the contractor. Whether you are looking for an ad campaign, inspirational song or a pop hit, Eden will work with you individually to create the right blend of appealing emotion and electric sound, adding a new dimension to your business, brand or event image.

Contact now for a free consultation with Bekah Eden and discover the unique sound that represents your music genre, organization, company or special event.


As a national singer/songwriter/ musician and performing artist, Bekah Eden has reenergized performance stages across the country. Whether it’s a funky blues, a country anthem or an inspirational song, Eden is praised for her ability to touch the hearts and perk up the ears of varied musical genres with candor, friendliness and raw talent. Whether it be a small stage or Carnegie Hall, Eden is always comfortable in her own skin and radiates enthusiasm and positivity to her listeners. If you are looking for a performer that can stun concert goers by keeping their attention with diverse music, then Eden is your performance star! Contact here to book her for your next event.


As a national talent coach, Bekah Eden shapes the success of some of today’s youngest and most promising musicians and singer/songwriters. Working with young artists from her local Virginia to California , Eden approaches each star with patience, honesty and a smile. Honing in on the natural skills of her clients, Eden utilizes intense training exercises offering a multidimensional and wholistic coaching approach. The result: strengthened vocal ability and range, improved instrumental skill, heightened songwriting knowledge and implementation skills and positive modification of body language for more effective performance delivery. Want to help your rising star develop what they need to make it in the industry? Contact Bekah Eden today and ask for a free consultation.

Booking & Managment

Contact Bekah Eden here for songwriting and coaching needs.  For booking contact Hipster Mamas Production.  For Management needs please email