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Eden’s debut Cause Song, “In Between,” is written specifically for wounded warriors, veterans and active duty military men and women. The Message that this song conveys speaks deeply to the hearts of those who are struggling to find balance while battling PTSD. A generous portion of all song proceeds go directly to LA based 501 (c)(3) national non-profit, Harvesting Happiness for Heroes. HH4Heroes offers programs specifically geared to help post combat military men and women find their happiness again. Eden recorded the piano track for “In Between,” at Great Music Studios in Malibu California, with Terence Davis. All vocals and strings were recorded at Cabin Trax Studios in Thousand Oaks California, with Scott Luedke. “In Between,” is an original song written by Bekah Eden. Luedke Produced and Engineered the track, as Eden worked along side him as the Executive Producer. The string arrangement was written by Kirk Roundhouse, and edited by Eden and Luedke. Tom Turner played Viola and Jeannot T. Maha’a played Cello.

Download “In Between” today to support post combat veterans tomorrow.
“Unexpected,” is Bekah Eden’s first album as an artist, and it is truly filled with joy, excitement, inspiration, love, heartache, pain, and much more. If you like listening to songs that tell a good story, you will love this album. Each song is filled with Eden’s opinions and feelings concerning different, but monumental events during her, “Adolescent Days.” This album has served as a healing tool for Eden as she travels down her road to wholeness. As her Gram says, “Buy Bekah Eden’s album, ‘cuz Grandma said.” All songs on this album were recorded at Ripple Studio with Curtis Key. Key and Eden co-wrote, Leave Me Alone, Run Away with Me, Give and Goodbye. All other tracks on the album are Bekah Eden originals.